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2007-2010Agents and trader of raw materials in skincare and personal care field, Include products of : BASF, Dupont, Bayer, Dow Corning and Dow Chemical etc. Research and create new formulas.

2011: Set up 100,000 grade workshop in Guangzhou, the factory successfully received GMP Certification and all the procedures are in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO22716:2007 standards. Our plant area is 15000 square meters, include 12 production lines, 2 sets of automatic emulsifying equipments (each set includes 3 pots:1 ton emulsifying pot,500KGS emulsifying pot,100KGS emulsifying pot) .4 sets of automatic mask filling machines, 10 sets of automatic filling machines for cream, serum, jelly, lotion and tonner. 2 sets of fully automatic packing machines etc. Therefore, the monthly production capacity of paper masks is 5 million pieces and 1 million bottles for other skincare products and soaps. We successfully offer OEM/ODM/OBM services to around 90 brands and companies within China.

2014-Now: Set up Beauty Kingdom Cosmetics Co., Ltd to operate all the OEM/ODM/OBM projects of skincare and personal care products from our oversea clients. Until now, our products have been successfully sold to 17 countries and regions all over the world.


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